Storm Salon Policies

As we work our way through one of our busiest months of the year it’s a good time to remind our fantastic clients about some of our salon policies to keep us all happy and stress-free this holiday season.

We know that pre-booking your appointments is important to you, so if you are unable to make an appointment it is also important that you let us know. We confirm your appointments with you by phone the day before, and you can also sign up for our text and email reminders. (If you’ve changed your phone number or email recently, let us know!) The reason we confirm is appointments is so that you can inform us whether or not you are still able to make it to your appointment. Life is busy – especially in December! - and we know that schedules change and unexpected things come up. We are happy to work around your schedule as much as we possibly can if you need to change a booking. Our front line associates are grateful if you can give us as much advanced notice as possible if you will not be able to come in and see us, preferably 24-48 hours.

At this time of year all of our colourists, stylists, and aestheticians have clients on their waiting list, so if you can’t make your appointment, we can easily get your space filled provided we are given enough notice. You could make someone’s day for Christmas! How awesome is that? “No shows” are not encouraged given that our salons are not in highly-trafficked pedestrian areas, and we can not rely on walk-ins to fill our schedule.

In addition, because we are so busy, it is extremely difficult and often impossible to accommodate clients who arrive late to their appointments. Traffic around our salons can be busy, and even worse at this time of year. Give yourself a little extra travel time to be sure you arrive on time. Not only will this help us run on schedule, but it will help you reduce the stress of feeling rushed. If you get here a little early you can always relax and warm up with an Aveda tea or one of our famous cappuccinos!

We’re so excited to work through this busy month with all of you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Storm!!