Introducing - Aveda Men's Grey Blending

We are happy to announce the newest Aveda men’s product, the Men’s Grey Blending! We love this product because it allows you to make a subtle change to you greys, without the drastic look that comes with most other hair colouring. The grey blending works with both your natural colour, and your greys, leaving you with hair that looks like you’ve just turned the clock back a little bit. The process is quick, the result is restrained, and the outcome is “less grey, more you.”

The Grey Blending colour is a 5 minute service, and is easily added on to your haircut appointment without the need to make your appointment time significantly longer. The colour will last roughly four weeks – generally the schedule most men are on for their regular haircuts.

Grey Blending features a bold, spicy and herbal aroma featuring organic clove and lavender essential oils. Sunflower, castor, and jojoba oils help condition the hair, leaving your hair soft and healthy after your colour service. As always, Aveda products are also formulated with environmental protection in mind – the tubes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and the cartons are made from 100% recycled fiber.

We are so excited to start working with this incredible product on you! Ask your stylist or colourist about the Men’s Grey Blending on your next visit!