Winter is OVER... Spring is HERE!

It’s official… winter is OVER!

With the passing of the spring equinox a few days ago, we can look forward to longer days, more sunshine, and wonderful warm days.

When the season changes, your hair and skin care needs change too. Today Amie, Anne Marie, and Nicole want to tell you all about our awesome Aveda products that contain SPF. Ultraviolet rays from the sun affect us all year, but as the sun becomes stronger in the coming months, it is important that we protect ourselves from it’s potentially harmful effects.


One of our most popular Aveda products is the Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer. With broad spectrum SPF 15 protection, this is a super versatile product that can be used all year. Our radiance-infused oil-free moisturizer is so lightweight that it feels as if you're wearing nothing, yet it gives a smooth, even finish-and helps protect your skin with our mineral-derived, broad spectrum sunscreen.

For more comprehensive sun protection, we love the Daily Light Guard Defence with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. This product is light weight while also being highly concentrated. A few tiny drops is all you need to cover your entire face. With this product you can let nature help defend your skin's natural beauty with dual protection—UVA/UVB defense from non-chemical 100% mineral-derived sunscreen technology, plus plant-derived pollution defense. The Daily Light Guard is dermatologist-tested, non-acnegenic, and suitable for all skin types.


One of our favourite products is Brilliant Damage Control spray because it is the perfect product to start your style with. Not only does it help to detangle wet hair, but it is suitable for every hair type, leaving no weight or residue behind while also offering SPF and heat protection.

If you’ve had your hair coloured recently, you know how important it is to protect that investment! The sun’s rays can fade your hair colour if you don’t protect it correctly. The most versatile and day-to-day product we recommend is the Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. This leave-in treatment instantly intensifies colour radiance and seals and smooths the cuticle for increased shine.

Finally, if you’re spending lots of time at the beach or by the pool, Aveda’s Sun Care line needs to be in your beach bag. The After-Sun Hair Masque, Protective Hair Veil, and Hair and Body Cleanser all help to protect your hair from UVA/UVB rays, replace the moisture that can be stripped by salt water or chlorinated pool water, and protect hair colour from fading.

We’re huge fans of warm weather, and after this long and cold winter we can’t wait to watch the temperature rise! We hope you enjoy it as much as we will.