Winter Is Coming

As winter approaches, your hair care needs are about to change. Storm Team members Anne Marie, Amie, and Stephanie have compiled their best winter hair care tips here for you!

The key at this time of year is MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE. Your hair needs it, you scalp needs it, your skin needs it. Start by sleeping every night with a humidifier near your bed. This will not only help your hair and your skin, but will help with the congestion and dry sinuses that so many of us experience at this time of year.

Consider investing in an ionic blow dryer. Ionic dryers will convert the water molecules in your hair more quickly, helping your hair dry faster. A faster blow dry means less static and less exposure to heat damage.

There are some fabulous Aveda products that can help you too! First and foremost, the Dry Remedy Oil needs to be your best friend. A few tiny drops on wet or dry hair will give the hair shaft an incredible amount of moisture without adding any excessive weight or greasiness. If you’ve got thicker hair the Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade should be in your styling arsenal, while finer haired clients should try the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Both products will help you to tame fly-aways and keep static at bay. Brush your hair at night before bed and spray your brush with a little Witch Hazel hairspray. The Witch Hazel spray is a non-aerosol medium hold hairspray that will also help tame static. Talk to your stylist during your next visit about which products they would recommend for you.

It’s important to brush your hair at night to help distribute the oils from your scalp down your hair shaft. If your hair is longer, sleep with it in a braid. Most people roll around in their sleep, and the friction created between your hair and your pillow will also create static. Keeping it tied back is a great way to combat this.

Use a brush that has natural boar bristles, such as The Shine Brush. The bristles help prevent static and will also redistribute oils along the hair shaft.

When you’re out during the day, keep your hair up if you’re wearing bulky scarves or sweaters. Again, this will help to minimize the friction that causes frizz and static. It’s also important to keep your hands out of your hair. Chances are, they’re dry too and they will soak up moisture from your hair.

Finally, if you find that your scalp is getting dry, come in and see us for a Pramasna scalp treatment. The treatment will exfoliate dry skin off your scalp, and will help re-balance the oil levels on your scalp. Since the Pramasana system launched earlier our clients haven’t been able to stop telling us how much they love it!

Winter Is Coming, but we’re here to help you prepare for it.